www.office.com/Setup Installation Guide: A Walkthrough

So, you have just bought MS Office product. Next what? -You can proceed with completing your Microsoft Office Setup online by using Microsoft Office’s Product Key code. And, for that all you need to open the URL – office.com/setup or setup.office.com at your preferred browser. Let’s check out steps to be followed for Microsoft Office Setup or installation:

Step1: Start with signing-in at your MS office account by using URL www.office.com/setup. Next, you have to redeem your MS office product key. And, if you don’t have a MS account yet, then create a new one. And, if you have a MS account, then use the same Microsoft’s login credentials to log-in to your my Microsoft Office account.

Step2: Once you have successfully completed step one. Select “Install”. And, as you will tap on the “Install” button, it will install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office on your PC, by default. In that case, you need to use the same language that you have selected while you are redeeming the product key. And, in case you are interested in installing the 64-bit version, you need to change the language.

Step3: Depending on the browser, proceed further. Click on “install” if using Internet explorer. And, in Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox you need to click on “Save the file” button. Once the file gets downloaded, you need to open it manually and proceed with the installation process.

Step4: As installation gets completed, you will be notified, with a message “You are all set!” Now as the Office is installed, animated video (a tutorial) will be shown, which will explain you how to find MS office applications on your computer. Now for getting started and proceeding further, you need to carefully follow the instructions shown in the window.

NOTE: Always remember that while installing your MS Office 365, you will see the message like “Stop”. That means, you are required to wait for installing Microsoft Office 2016 because installation process has met with some compatibility issues and something else is getting installed on your PC. If you urgently want assistance, you can connect with our pro- active and highly responsive support team through live chat feature, which is available online. As, we said they are highly responsive, so they will love to answer all your questions quickly.

Now, if you are looking forward to connect with one of our experts, who could help you with the Microsoft Office Setup Procedure online, we are always there to help you out flawlessly with the whole procedure. And, for downloading the Microsoft Office online, we could not only help in fixing your MS office setup related challenges but can also guide you in working with your new MS Office 2016 product once it gets installed successfully. So what are you waiting for now? – Just ask whatever queries and questions you have through our live chat.

Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions:

• How can we completely help you with your Microsoft Office Setup Challenges?

• How can we completely help you with finding your compatibility challenges and fixing them

• How can we assist and guide you to use and setup MS Office product

• How can we assist you in MS Office account creation or in restoring your already existing account

• How fast we can help you in optimizing your PC so that you can get better speed especially by using our applications like Office.

• Are we expert in troubleshooting virus related challenges, too if required

So, above mentioned steps will help you in getting the Microsoft Office installed easily. Being one of the best software in the world, office is available in a lot of versions including, Office Setup 365, Office Setup 2013, Office Setup 2010, Office Setup 2016 etc.

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