www office com setup for Business on PC and Mac

Microsoft Office includes important and required productivity apps that include PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. However, the products included in the package may vary, but the Installation process and setting up of Microsoft Office in computer will remain the same. It is an irrefutable fact that Microsoft Office executive is one of the popular and widely used productivity programs across the world today. And, if you got the License Key or the Product Key, you don’t need the disc of office.com/setup for your system. The best part is – the process and steps of Microsoft Office installation is getting simpler and easier day by day Today to install Microsoft Office file on your computer you just simply need to wisely follow certain steps and get Microsoft Office running on your computer flawlessly. Let’s take a look at the easy installation steps of office on your PC and Mac:

www.office com installation on PC:

Start with signing-in at your office account at http://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx. Once this done, a page will appear which allows users to choose the version they want to install of Microsoft office.

Next you need to choose a preferred “Language” and select which version they want to install – whether 32 or 64 – bit. And, then click on the Install button.

As per the browser, proceed further like if you are using Internet explorer, click “Run”, click “Setup” if using Google Chrome & if using Mozilla Firefox, click “Save File”. Then installation will begin automatically. And, once installation gets completed, you will get a message “You are all set! Now, MS office is completely installed”. And, then an animation will guide you where to look for MS office applications at your system.

As you open the any of the www.office.com/setup applications, you need to accept and agree to clauses and terms by simply clicking on the “Accept” button.

www.office com installation on Mac

1. You need to start with “Signing-in” with your business account at https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx

2. Then, you need to select “Install”, which will appear under “Install Microsoft Office for Mac” section. And, download of installer package will begin.

3. Once download gets completed, you need to check folder named downloads and choose MS Office Installer.pkg 2016

4. As installation screen is shown, you need to just select the “continue” button to process the further installation process.

5. Now carefully read its license terms and agreement. And, agree them for completing installation process. For that, you need to just click on the continue button.

6. And, if user has kept Mac password protected, enter the Mac password, click on the “Install Software” tab and proceed further with the further installation process.

7. As you’ll click on the “Install” button, Microsoft Office will start installation and once installation gets completed, click on the “Close” button.

8. Once the installation is done; you need to begin with the further activation process. And, for this, you need to click on the icon named Launch pad for displaying the apps.

9. Next, you have to select any of the applications of office like Word or excel for the activation of MS Office.

10. Once this done, a window will appear that will quote – “So, what is New in MS Word” once you’ll open MS Office Word. 11. After that just click on the button named “Get started” to start activation process.

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