WannaCry Ransom ware and Microsoft Windows and Office Setup: Should You Get the Latest Version?

The ‘WannaCryransomware’ virus has affected 150 countries. Many reputed organizations are still fighting this dangerous attack. Attackers want bit coins ransoms. But this has raised another important issue: security and regular updates.

Thousands of computers running Windows were affected.  But Microsoft is quick to persuade users to upgrade their computers. This also underlines the importance of keeping computers updated.

This is also a worry for governments and organizations all over the world. They should give importance to cyber security. The latest versions are more secure than earlier versions. This also means that you should also give importance to Microsoft Windows and office setup.

Many governments are more focused on attacking enemies but not fortifying their own cyber systems. This is also a crucial issue.

It should be noted that windows run on majority of world’s computers. Thankfully the company was prepared and launched a security patch. Hopefully the situation will be managed pretty soon. Many computers were running older versions of Windows.  By MS Windows and Office setup, you can get new security features. The latest versions are more secure and error-free.

Is It Easy to Attack a Computer?

With the rise in internet connectivity, it has become very easy to attack computers. But these computers can be defended with the help of right security features.

What’s the Challenge?

There is a challenge. People are not too keen on updating their systems. That’s why old versions continue to occupy computers. But MS Windows and office setup is very important. And you need to get the latest versions with extra added security features.

Companies should encourage people to install latest antiviruses, operating systems, etc. they should explain to customers that it is important to keep their computers updated. Government should also take necessary measures to protect the IT infrastructure.

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