Guide to for Home on Windows and Mac OS

Microsoft Office is basically an office suite of applications, servers and services provided by Microsoft. Basically, it provides a set of applications, which allows doing various activities including write an application, report in Microsoft Word, easily create tabular records with Microsoft Excel, and make presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and much more things. Microsoft Office is now available for personal and business purpose, both. Let’s check them out:

Installation of on PC

You need to start with Sign-in into my Microsoft office Account – For that you need to just open My Microsoft Office account on Microsoft’s account and then start with signing- in at your Microsoft’s Account.

Next you have to click on the “Install” option to start the installation process. You can install for both the versions – 32- bit and 64 – bit as per your requirements. You can even select different languages while installing Microsoft Office as per the convenience by just clicking on the language and checking out all the install options shown.

After the completion of above steps, Microsoft Office conducts few smart pre – checks to before preceding the installation process. Next, based on the preferred browser, you need to click “Run” if you are using IE, “Setup” if using Google Chrome & if you are using Mozilla Firefox, click on “Save” File. Once this done, installation will begin automatically.

Once the installation gets completed, you need to check the instructions that say “Now, you are all set! Microsoft office is now installed” and soon an animation will be played that will guide users in finding Microsoft Office applications right on their system. All you need to do is to wisely follow the guide, which is in animated format.

Now if you are looking to start any Microsoft Office applications like MS word or MS excel, a pop up in the form of dialog box will appear where you need to read carefully and then agree its terms & conditions agreement.

Usually, Microsoft office gets automatically activated. And, if it doesn’t gets activated on its own then Activation Wizard will open automatically, in which you need to choose your preferred option for preceding further.

Mac OS’s installation of

1. Just open Microsoft’s

2. Start with Signing-in to your MS account.

3. Then, select “Install” on “My Account”.

4. And, once the install MS information page is shown, you need to click on “Install” button to start downloading process.

5. As the download gets completed, open the Office’s Installer.pkg to continue with the office installation process.

6. Next you need to accept and agree its terms & conditions; see the requirements of disk space and click on the “Install” button. And, if password is asked, enter the Mac password, then tap on the “Install” Microsoft software option.

7. After that, you need to start with the MS activation process. And, for that you need to click on the Launchpad icon; and then select any of the applications including Microsoft Word. Then a window will appear that will show a message – What’s New? Then you need to start activation process by clicking on the “Get Started” button.


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