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In short span of time, Microsoft Office has become popular among users and has become official software in the world. Today even government offices are even using some of the crucial features of the Microsoft Office like while using Microsoft Office software, you can easily access the external data through MS Office data connection. MS office always uses its own widget set; it allows opening the data or document from any another version of Microsoft Office. And, most importantly, in Microsoft Office, you can easily open more than 3 pages at a time to easily type or read.

How can we help you in MS Office Setup?

So, you have a MS Office product, Now, what? You can proceed with your MS Office installation online with the MS office’s product key, which has a unique code. For that, you need to just open MS office.com/setup; even you can open MS setup.office.com at your browser. And, follow the below steps for detailed procedure:

This is how you need to proceed further with MS Office Installation

1. You need to Sign in at your Microsoft office account (here’s the URL- www.office.com/setup). Next, get your office set up enter key. And, if you don’t have a Microsoft office account, then register yourself and create one.

2. And, once you are done with step one. Select Install for your preferred product and select Install once again. However, by default, it will install 32-bit version at your computer using the same language you have selected while redeeming the product. In-case you are looking for the bigger version, go for 64-bit one, you need to amend your language and proceed.

3. As you’ll click on the “Install”, a message box will appear in IE browser with an option to “Run”. And, if you are using Google chrome & Mozilla, user needs to properly save the MS Office file. And, as file gets downloaded, next you have to open the file manually and properly run the MS Office installation process.

4. Once the installation is done, you’ll be notified, with a message like “You are all set! And, MS Office is now installed”. Then a tutorial, which will be an animated one; will be shown that will guide you on how to get MS office applications at your PC. All you have to do is to follow instructions as per your browser.

NOTE: In case while installing MS Office 365, you get the message, “Stop”, that means you need to patiently wait for installing MS Office 2016 or Office Setup 2013 or Office Setup 2010 or Office Setup 2016 or Office Setup 2003 or Office Setup 2007 or any another version. And, if, the MS installation process faces any compatibility issues, then that means something else is getting installed at your Windows, then you need to get in touch with our support through live chat and our executives are ready to help you and answer all your questions promptly.

Are looking for MS Office Experts to help you with the Office Setup process online?

If yes, we are there to serve you and help you with the end-to-end process, which includes Downloading MS Office online. And, we do not only posses expertise in fixing your Microsoft office installation challenges but can also assist you on how to proceed with the new MS Office 2016 product after it gets installed successfully. You can reach us online through chat and get help in:

• Finding our compatibility related issues and meeting them

• Guiding you on how to rightly use and properly setup MS Office product

• Account creation and restoring old ones, both

• Optimizing your computer in order to enhance the speed of your mobile applications like MS Office.

• Troubleshooting virus related challenges

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with your Microsoft Office Installation. To get more details, visit www.Office.com/Setup with a valid product key code. And, we can help you with the entire process to setup office product online.

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