All You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 2016 Setup for Mac

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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac offers an enhanced and bright user interface. It offers added options and conveniences. However, the learning curve is almost flat. The Redmond-based company has also launched an update. This updated changed the old 32-bit code with 64-bit code.

Microsoft Office setup appears and works better than Office 2011. And it looks lie Office 2016 for Windows as well.   Microsoft has redesigned the ribbon user interface. So, it has the similar flat user interface that is akin to Windows version.  You also get a teas pane user interface, which helps in choosing text styles, formulas, etc.

Interestingly, users can also use shortcuts such as Ctrl-O for Open and Ctrl-F for Find. Other awesome features are pinch-to-zoom, Retina displays, and many more. We would like to add that text and graphics now offer sharper resolutions.  In addition, different users can edit Words and PowerPoint as well.

When you install Microsoft Office for Mac, you also get online sharing through Microsoft’s SharePoint service or its OneDrive cloud-based service. Users can conveniently restore earlier versions of documents from the cloud.  As we expected, iCloud support is not present in this version.

Some popular software applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. These components are present in MS Office for Mac. All applications are easy to use and offer innovative features. It should be noted that many features are similar to Mac versions.

But there are many differences between these versions. Let’s take a few examples. The Mac edition cannot import PDF files. It cannot even make editable documents from the contents. But these features are present in the Windows version. And PowerPoint on Mac can rearrange things by dragging them forward or back. However, Windows version makes room for a less easy routine.

So, MS Office is a great software package. You can call Microsoft Office setup support to install the software. Another great way is to visit Both the ways can solve installation problems such as Microsoft Office product key, system configuration, etc.

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