5 Easy Steps of How to Install Office.Com/Setup

Microsoft Office includes all crucial productivity apps that include PowerPoint, Word, Excel and many more. However, the products of the associated package may vary, but at the same time, installation process and proper setting up of Microsoft Office in PC is same. There are already a lot of versions available in the market including Office Setup 2010, Office Setup 2016, Office Setup 2003, Office Setup 2007 and many more. Let’s take a look at 5 easy steps on How to do hassle-free and flawless Office.Com/Setup on your PC:

Step 1 – Uninstall the previous Microsoft Office Version

If you are keeping the earlier version of Microsoft Office on your PC that means you are allowing errors to arise while installing the latest and new MS Office on your system. So, you need to uninstall that before installing the newer version. And, to uninstall the older version, go to the Control Panel- Choose Programs, then select the option “Add/Remove”. All you have to do is to – patiently wait for complete loaded version and pick-up the earlier version of Microsoft Office and click the “uninstall/remove” option and check if the uninstall is being done completely.

Step 2 – To Re-Install Microsoft Office, start with inserting the New Microsoft Office DVD

Start with inserting the Microsoft Office DVD that you’ll get along-with the available package of the DVD writer of PC. And, for that you need to click on setup file and proceed with storing the file on your computer. Then, open the x MS Office Setup file, which is downloaded and carefully follow the instructions properly.

Step 3 –Use Product key to proceed with the installation of Microsoft Office:

Along with the Microsoft Office package, you will get a product key of 25 characters. And, if you have purchased the Microsoft Office (executive file) online, then the product key will be displayed on the message box of the MS Office order confirmation tab. For that all you have to do is to note down that Product key, which you can use while the process of installation of Microsoft Office is running on your system, whenever it is required. Next enter the unique product key whenever you are asked to while installing MS Office in your computer. And, then click the enter button and carefully follow the instructions. Once you have entered the product key, then you need to accept to terms and conditions to proceed further with the Microsoft Office installation. While processing, you are required to check available box that shows you have carefully read the license terms and conditions and you agree with the Microsoft Office terms of use. Once this done, that means you have successfully completed the MS Office installation process.

Step 4 – Choose the required products while Installation:

While moving ahead towards the installation process, you need to choose the products wisely that you are looking to install into your PC. And, if you are checking all the available boxes of the products, it means that all the products that are available only with the Microsoft Office Package will be installed. And, each and every product integrated in the MS Office package will by default installed completely into hard-drive of the computer. This is the crucial step for those who are looking for selective products.

Step 5 – Wait patiently till Installation gets completed:

Once you have checked each and every box of its terms and conditions and have chosen the products and software you are looking to install, then you are finally required to tap on the “Install now” option and have to wait until installation gets over. Please be patient, while installation, as the time required for set-up depends on the right version and speed of the processor. And, once the MS Office installation gets completed, you can easily move ahead to access each and every product of Microsoft Office package at your system by using Start Menu.

WannaCry Ransom ware and Microsoft Windows and Office Setup: Should You Get the Latest Version?

The ‘WannaCryransomware’ virus has affected 150 countries. Many reputed organizations are still fighting this dangerous attack. Attackers want bit coins ransoms. But this has raised another important issue: security and regular updates.

Thousands of computers running Windows were affected.  But Microsoft is quick to persuade users to upgrade their computers. This also underlines the importance of keeping computers updated.

This is also a worry for governments and organizations all over the world. They should give importance to cyber security. The latest versions are more secure than earlier versions. This also means that you should also give importance to Microsoft Windows and office setup.

Many governments are more focused on attacking enemies but not fortifying their own cyber systems. This is also a crucial issue.

It should be noted that windows run on majority of world’s computers. Thankfully the company was prepared and launched a security patch. Hopefully the situation will be managed pretty soon. Many computers were running older versions of Windows.  By MS Windows and Office setup, you can get new security features. The latest versions are more secure and error-free.

Is It Easy to Attack a Computer?

With the rise in internet connectivity, it has become very easy to attack computers. But these computers can be defended with the help of right security features.

What’s the Challenge?

There is a challenge. People are not too keen on updating their systems. That’s why old versions continue to occupy computers. But MS Windows and office setup is very important. And you need to get the latest versions with extra added security features.

Companies should encourage people to install latest antiviruses, operating systems, etc. they should explain to customers that it is important to keep their computers updated. Government should also take necessary measures to protect the IT infrastructure.

www.office.com/Setup Installation Guide: A Walkthrough

So, you have just bought MS Office product. Next what? -You can proceed with completing your Microsoft Office Setup online by using Microsoft Office’s Product Key code. And, for that all you need to open the URL – office.com/setup or setup.office.com at your preferred browser. Let’s check out steps to be followed for Microsoft Office Setup or installation:

Step1: Start with signing-in at your MS office account by using URL www.office.com/setup. Next, you have to redeem your MS office product key. And, if you don’t have a MS account yet, then create a new one. And, if you have a MS account, then use the same Microsoft’s login credentials to log-in to your my Microsoft Office account.

Step2: Once you have successfully completed step one. Select “Install”. And, as you will tap on the “Install” button, it will install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office on your PC, by default. In that case, you need to use the same language that you have selected while you are redeeming the product key. And, in case you are interested in installing the 64-bit version, you need to change the language.

Step3: Depending on the browser, proceed further. Click on “install” if using Internet explorer. And, in Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox you need to click on “Save the file” button. Once the file gets downloaded, you need to open it manually and proceed with the installation process.

Step4: As installation gets completed, you will be notified, with a message “You are all set!” Now as the Office is installed, animated video (a tutorial) will be shown, which will explain you how to find MS office applications on your computer. Now for getting started and proceeding further, you need to carefully follow the instructions shown in the window.

NOTE: Always remember that while installing your MS Office 365, you will see the message like “Stop”. That means, you are required to wait for installing Microsoft Office 2016 because installation process has met with some compatibility issues and something else is getting installed on your PC. If you urgently want assistance, you can connect with our pro- active and highly responsive support team through live chat feature, which is available online. As, we said they are highly responsive, so they will love to answer all your questions quickly.

Now, if you are looking forward to connect with one of our experts, who could help you with the Microsoft Office Setup Procedure online, we are always there to help you out flawlessly with the whole procedure. And, for downloading the Microsoft Office online, we could not only help in fixing your MS office setup related challenges but can also guide you in working with your new MS Office 2016 product once it gets installed successfully. So what are you waiting for now? – Just ask whatever queries and questions you have through our live chat.

Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions:

• How can we completely help you with your Microsoft Office Setup Challenges?

• How can we completely help you with finding your compatibility challenges and fixing them

• How can we assist and guide you to use and setup MS Office product

• How can we assist you in MS Office account creation or in restoring your already existing account

• How fast we can help you in optimizing your PC so that you can get better speed especially by using our applications like Office.

• Are we expert in troubleshooting virus related challenges, too if required

So, above mentioned steps will help you in getting the Microsoft Office installed easily. Being one of the best software in the world, office is available in a lot of versions including, Office Setup 365, Office Setup 2013, Office Setup 2010, Office Setup 2016 etc.

Hope you’ll find the article interesting and useful.  Please feel free to leave the comment in the comment box below.

www office com setup for Business on PC and Mac

Microsoft Office includes important and required productivity apps that include PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. However, the products included in the package may vary, but the Installation process and setting up of Microsoft Office in computer will remain the same. It is an irrefutable fact that Microsoft Office executive is one of the popular and widely used productivity programs across the world today. And, if you got the License Key or the Product Key, you don’t need the disc of office.com/setup for your system. The best part is – the process and steps of Microsoft Office installation is getting simpler and easier day by day Today to install Microsoft Office file on your computer you just simply need to wisely follow certain steps and get Microsoft Office running on your computer flawlessly. Let’s take a look at the easy installation steps of office on your PC and Mac:

www.office com installation on PC:

Start with signing-in at your office account at http://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx. Once this done, a page will appear which allows users to choose the version they want to install of Microsoft office.

Next you need to choose a preferred “Language” and select which version they want to install – whether 32 or 64 – bit. And, then click on the Install button.

As per the browser, proceed further like if you are using Internet explorer, click “Run”, click “Setup” if using Google Chrome & if using Mozilla Firefox, click “Save File”. Then installation will begin automatically. And, once installation gets completed, you will get a message “You are all set! Now, MS office is completely installed”. And, then an animation will guide you where to look for MS office applications at your system.

As you open the any of the www.office.com/setup applications, you need to accept and agree to clauses and terms by simply clicking on the “Accept” button.

www.office com installation on Mac

1. You need to start with “Signing-in” with your business account at https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx

2. Then, you need to select “Install”, which will appear under “Install Microsoft Office for Mac” section. And, download of installer package will begin.

3. Once download gets completed, you need to check folder named downloads and choose MS Office Installer.pkg 2016

4. As installation screen is shown, you need to just select the “continue” button to process the further installation process.

5. Now carefully read its license terms and agreement. And, agree them for completing installation process. For that, you need to just click on the continue button.

6. And, if user has kept Mac password protected, enter the Mac password, click on the “Install Software” tab and proceed further with the further installation process.

7. As you’ll click on the “Install” button, Microsoft Office will start installation and once installation gets completed, click on the “Close” button.

8. Once the installation is done; you need to begin with the further activation process. And, for this, you need to click on the icon named Launch pad for displaying the apps.

9. Next, you have to select any of the applications of office like Word or excel for the activation of MS Office.

10. Once this done, a window will appear that will quote – “So, what is New in MS Word” once you’ll open MS Office Word. 11. After that just click on the button named “Get started” to start activation process.

Easy and quick Microsoft Office Setup Steps| www.office.com/setup

In short span of time, Microsoft Office has become popular among users and has become official software in the world. Today even government offices are even using some of the crucial features of the Microsoft Office like while using Microsoft Office software, you can easily access the external data through MS Office data connection. MS office always uses its own widget set; it allows opening the data or document from any another version of Microsoft Office. And, most importantly, in Microsoft Office, you can easily open more than 3 pages at a time to easily type or read.

How can we help you in MS Office Setup?

So, you have a MS Office product, Now, what? You can proceed with your MS Office installation online with the MS office’s product key, which has a unique code. For that, you need to just open MS office.com/setup; even you can open MS setup.office.com at your browser. And, follow the below steps for detailed procedure:

This is how you need to proceed further with MS Office Installation

1. You need to Sign in at your Microsoft office account (here’s the URL- www.office.com/setup). Next, get your office set up enter key. And, if you don’t have a Microsoft office account, then register yourself and create one.

2. And, once you are done with step one. Select Install for your preferred product and select Install once again. However, by default, it will install 32-bit version at your computer using the same language you have selected while redeeming the product. In-case you are looking for the bigger version, go for 64-bit one, you need to amend your language and proceed.

3. As you’ll click on the “Install”, a message box will appear in IE browser with an option to “Run”. And, if you are using Google chrome & Mozilla, user needs to properly save the MS Office file. And, as file gets downloaded, next you have to open the file manually and properly run the MS Office installation process.

4. Once the installation is done, you’ll be notified, with a message like “You are all set! And, MS Office is now installed”. Then a tutorial, which will be an animated one; will be shown that will guide you on how to get MS office applications at your PC. All you have to do is to follow instructions as per your browser.

NOTE: In case while installing MS Office 365, you get the message, “Stop”, that means you need to patiently wait for installing MS Office 2016 or Office Setup 2013 or Office Setup 2010 or Office Setup 2016 or Office Setup 2003 or Office Setup 2007 or any another version. And, if, the MS installation process faces any compatibility issues, then that means something else is getting installed at your Windows, then you need to get in touch with our support through live chat and our executives are ready to help you and answer all your questions promptly.

Are looking for MS Office Experts to help you with the Office Setup process online?

If yes, we are there to serve you and help you with the end-to-end process, which includes Downloading MS Office online. And, we do not only posses expertise in fixing your Microsoft office installation challenges but can also assist you on how to proceed with the new MS Office 2016 product after it gets installed successfully. You can reach us online through chat and get help in:

• Finding our compatibility related issues and meeting them

• Guiding you on how to rightly use and properly setup MS Office product

• Account creation and restoring old ones, both

• Optimizing your computer in order to enhance the speed of your mobile applications like MS Office.

• Troubleshooting virus related challenges

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with your Microsoft Office Installation. To get more details, visit www.Office.com/Setup with a valid product key code. And, we can help you with the entire process to setup office product online.

Guide to www.office.com/Setup for Home on Windows and Mac OS

Microsoft Office is basically an office suite of applications, servers and services provided by Microsoft. Basically, it provides a set of applications, which allows doing various activities including write an application, report in Microsoft Word, easily create tabular records with Microsoft Excel, and make presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and much more things. Microsoft Office is now available for personal and business purpose, both. Let’s check them out:

Installation of www.office.com/setup on PC

You need to start with Sign-in into my Microsoft office Account – For that you need to just open My Microsoft Office account on Microsoft’s office.com/my account and then start with signing- in at your Microsoft’s Account.

Next you have to click on the “Install” option to start the installation process. You can install for both the versions – 32- bit and 64 – bit as per your requirements. You can even select different languages while installing Microsoft Office as per the convenience by just clicking on the language and checking out all the install options shown.

After the completion of above steps, Microsoft Office conducts few smart pre – checks to before preceding the installation process. Next, based on the preferred browser, you need to click “Run” if you are using IE, “Setup” if using Google Chrome & if you are using Mozilla Firefox, click on “Save” File. Once this done, installation will begin automatically.

Once the installation gets completed, you need to check the instructions that say “Now, you are all set! Microsoft office is now installed” and soon an animation will be played that will guide users in finding Microsoft Office applications right on their system. All you need to do is to wisely follow the guide, which is in animated format.

Now if you are looking to start any Microsoft Office applications like MS word or MS excel, a pop up in the form of dialog box will appear where you need to read carefully and then agree its terms & conditions agreement.

Usually, Microsoft office gets automatically activated. And, if it doesn’t gets activated on its own then Activation Wizard will open automatically, in which you need to choose your preferred option for preceding further.

Mac OS’s installation of www.office.com/setup

1. Just open Microsoft’s office.com/myaccount.

2. Start with Signing-in to your MS account.

3. Then, select “Install” on “My Account”.

4. And, once the install MS information page is shown, you need to click on “Install” button to start downloading process.

5. As the download gets completed, open the Office’s Installer.pkg to continue with the office installation process.

6. Next you need to accept and agree its terms & conditions; see the requirements of disk space and click on the “Install” button. And, if password is asked, enter the Mac password, then tap on the “Install” Microsoft software option.

7. After that, you need to start with the MS activation process. And, for that you need to click on the Launchpad icon; and then select any of the applications including Microsoft Word. Then a window will appear that will show a message – What’s New? Then you need to start activation process by clicking on the “Get Started” button.


Why MS Office Setup Continues to Be Popular?

Nothing is more popular than Microsoft Office in the market. This assortment of software is still loved by millions of consumers all over the world. In fact, a huge number of professionals and students depend on Microsoft Office to complete different tasks. With passage of time, Office has acquired plenty of new features. But the charm has remained intact in the market.

Let’s see the different types of software in Microsoft Office. Some popular software applications are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many others. All of these applications are used to fulfill different needs.

Some popular applications are MS Office setup 365, 2010, 2016, 2013, 2017, 2007 and many others. There are so many awesome applications to choose from.

Let’s take two examples of amazing software applications. Microsoft Word is used for creating documents. These documents can be used for personal and professional works. And Microsoft Excel is used for making spreadsheets.

There are many such exciting Microsoft software applications in the market. This also proves that versatility is a strong point for Microsoft Office. This helps Microsoft Office setup to remain popular even after so many years in the market.

Another strong point is easy Microsoft Office installation. The entire process is available at office.com/setup. Anyone can visit this site to now the entire installation process.

Moreover, many Microsoft Office setup support companies are also available in the market. They can install Microsoft Office with ease. They can easily solve all problems such as system configuration, Microsoft Office product key issues, etc. This is another huge reason that is making Microsoft Office so popular in the market.

Another strong reason is the number of features. Microsoft Office has so many features. This makes this company competitive in the industry. There are many such reasons that make Microsoft a respected name in the market.

All You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 2016 Setup for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac offers an enhanced and bright user interface. It offers added options and conveniences. However, the learning curve is almost flat. The Redmond-based company has also launched an update. This updated changed the old 32-bit code with 64-bit code.

Microsoft Office setup appears and works better than Office 2011. And it looks lie Office 2016 for Windows as well.   Microsoft has redesigned the ribbon user interface. So, it has the similar flat user interface that is akin to Windows version.  You also get a teas pane user interface, which helps in choosing text styles, formulas, etc.

Interestingly, users can also use shortcuts such as Ctrl-O for Open and Ctrl-F for Find. Other awesome features are pinch-to-zoom, Retina displays, and many more. We would like to add that text and graphics now offer sharper resolutions.  In addition, different users can edit Words and PowerPoint as well.

When you install Microsoft Office for Mac, you also get online sharing through Microsoft’s SharePoint service or its OneDrive cloud-based service. Users can conveniently restore earlier versions of documents from the cloud.  As we expected, iCloud support is not present in this version.

Some popular software applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. These components are present in MS Office for Mac. All applications are easy to use and offer innovative features. It should be noted that many features are similar to Mac versions.

But there are many differences between these versions. Let’s take a few examples. The Mac edition cannot import PDF files. It cannot even make editable documents from the contents. But these features are present in the Windows version. And PowerPoint on Mac can rearrange things by dragging them forward or back. However, Windows version makes room for a less easy routine.

So, MS Office is a great software package. You can call Microsoft Office setup support to install the software. Another great way is to visit www.office.com/setup. Both the ways can solve installation problems such as Microsoft Office product key, system configuration, etc.