Microsoft Office, since inception, has been crucial productivity software. Being developed by a very known and multinational company, Microsoft, the user-centric software was introduced by Bill Gates on 1st August in 1988 at Las Vegas. At the first introduction, the very first version included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point, and Microsoft Excel. And, soon after the release MS Office became the prime choice of enterprises and businesses. People started using Microsoft Office by successfully downloading the business-centric Microsoft Office setup.

As it became popular and more and more users started depending on this software, Microsoft relentlessly enhanced existing tools and also released more products to the stack such as Microsoft tool, Microsoft Access, Microsoft notebook, and many more. Do you know what took Microsoft to newer level of success and helped it in becoming immensely known and popular? It’s the regular enhancements, versions updates and its adaptability to newer technologies and platform. Not just this, today it supports various smart devices including Windows, iOS, and Android etc. This results in making it more popular as people, now, can access MS Office through their smart devices like iOS, Android, Windows, by just installing the MS Office setup. It has become need of every employer and employee. And, this is the very reason why in many mobile device users don’t have to install this software explicitly, as it is available preinstalled in those devices.

Today, MS office has become very popular across the world, which is used by multiple sectors including government offices, banks, and private offices. Its original version is the desktop version. Due to its exceptionality and uniqueness, MS Office has no competitors. To properly use the software, the only source is Microsoft office setup and user needs to install this setup in order to use the software. Let’s discuss in details about the MS office setup including how it really works:

What is Microsoft Office Setup?

MS office setup is a new unique software setup file. And, by using this setup file, users can easily install the setup on their computer or other similar supported devices. Microsoft office comes in various versions and each version has its own setup file. Few of the most used MS Office versions include are 2003, 2010 and 2017 etc.

Why Microsoft Office is so popular among its users? Microsoft Office is the most popular official software around the world. Few of the key features of Microsoft Office Software are as follows:

  • While using Microsoft Office software, you can access external data through Office data connection.
  • Microsoft office always uses its own widget set.
  • Compatibility is one of the biggest benefits. It allows opening data or document saved with previous versions of Microsoft Office.
  • In Microsoft Office, you can open more than one page at a time to type or read.

Microsoft Office components: Microsoft office comes with various components, which act as one of the key success factors. Let’s take a look at the various components:

• Microsoft Word

Being the word processor, MS Office word is basically designed for PCs, Desktops and for supported devices. Its first version got released in 1983, which is the only operating system of MS-DOS. Soon after its release it became widely accepted among users because of its user-friendliness, varieties of various font styles and sizes and exceptional options to control like saving the data securely and safely at your desktop.

• Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is majorly used in banks, retail shops and shopping malls in order to keep and maintain the records efficiently. It comes with myriad of options like calculation, applying various formulae and maintaining records etc. In 1985, Microsoft Excel’s first version was released for Apple’s MAC OS, then due to its huge popularity and high adoption rate, it made its path into Windows. Microsoft Excel is now very popular because it delivers exceptional outputs and delivers amazing performance and results.

• Microsoft PowerPoint

MS Power point is one of the amazing components of Microsoft Office. It’s majorly designed for business, schools, colleges and corporate offices with a lot of ground-breaking features that support both MAC OS and Windows. Powerpoint comes with a lot of animations and other exceptional features. User can create easily navigated slideshows, which comprise texts and other smart features.

• Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is another crucial component of MS Office. Being one of the pioneering database management systems, Microsoft Access comes under one of the most crucial storage data devices where user can keep their records. By using Microsoft Access, users can also import and store data from/in a database and many other applications. It is mainly used in banks and government offices.

• Microsoft Outlook MS outlook is an amazing private store manager; which is used to manage user’s personal information. It is the storage manager, which allows user to safely keep their private file, document and other crucial data. User can even use it as their personal diary, which can be saved on their PCs and personal computers. • Microsoft One Note

Though, it is a lesser used component of Microsoft Office, it lets user to freely type and easily draw anything they want. Microsoft One Note lets users to share a note with their friends by simply connecting their PC or device with internet.

Above mentioned are the few, the most useful and must-have components of Microsoft Office.
Let’s start working MS Office online:

Right from desktop, web to smart devices, Microsoft Office offers the exceptional tools that you are looking for to get your work done. Here is the outline of how to install MS Office Setup Online:

How to setup MS Office Setup online:

Step1: Start with signing in to your Microsoft office account, at

Step2: Now redeem MS Office’s product key.

Step3: And, if you don’t have an existing MS Office account, yet, then go for and create one. If have an account, then use the same MS Office login credentials to successfully sign in to your Microsoft Office account.

Step4: Once you are done with the first step, select “Install” button of the product to proceed further. By default, this will successfully install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office on your computer by using the same language that you would have selected while redeeming the product. You can also opt for 64-bit version in order to ensure compatibility with your computer or device.

Step5. As you click on the “Install” button, IE will instantly give a popup with an option of “Run”. In case you are using Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, option of “Save” file will be shown. And, as file is downloaded you are required to just open the file manually and start the run process for proper installation. Step6. Once the installation is completed, you will get a message like “You are all set! And, MS Office is successfully installed now”. Then an animated video is shown in order to show a glimpse of how office applications are run on your PC. Next, all you need to do is to just follow the instructions properly that will be shown in the system’s window.

NOTE: When you are installing MS Office365, you may see message like, Stop. If you see this message, that means, MS Office’s installation procedure has encountered with some compatibility issue and something else has been installed on your Computer. If you encounter this kind of issue, then you should connect with the support team. They can be easily connected via online live chat.

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Let’s take a look at MS Office Setup versions:

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Let’s take a look at a few key features of Microsoft Office:

Collaboration and working ‘together’ – a new and exciting facet of MS Office:

MS Office makes it pretty easier to share information in form of documents with others and simultaneously collaborate with others at the same time. Let’s take a look at how MS Office enables this new buzz – collaboration.

Working together on Word documents:

Check others changes and edits by using coauthoring in MS Office (available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS OneNote). Newer and improvised versions let you easily refer to the needed snapshots of a MS document.

Easy sharing for beginners:

By using MS Office, you can share easily right from the document itself just with a click of a button. You can use the enhanced and new ‘attachments’ option available in MS Office Outlook, which are attached files from MS Office One Drive. The tight coupling of applications can automatically and smoothly integrate permission without even letting you leave MS Outlook.

MS Office available for all your devices:

You can now review, analyze, edit, and show MS Office documents, be it word, excel, PowerPoint or any other document across any of the devices— be it your computer, Mac, Windows, Apple or any other Smartphone or tablets.